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Embark on a Rewarding Journey: Become a Mentor or Mentee in Our 2024 Mentoring Program

In a dedicated effort to enhance the support network for our members and further the professional development of emerging federal court practitioners, the FBA takes pride in continuing its Mentoring Program. Recognizing that an effective mentor is a cornerstone of an attorney’s professional success, this program opens doors to dynamic connections. It offers participants a unique opportunity to cultivate mutually beneficial relationships that not only foster professional growth but also contribute to long-lasting career development. Join us in shaping the future of federal practice through meaningful mentorship.

Mentees Eligible for the Mentoring Program

The FBA invites you to participate as a mentor in its Mentoring Program. This program is open to members of the FBA only. FBA members are eligible to participate as mentees if the member:

Is a law student or has been admitted to the Florida Bar for less than six (6) years or
Has practiced in federal court for less than two (2) years.


The mentors participating in the FBA’s Mentoring Program include members of the FBA that have been in practice for six (6) or more years and have experience handling federal litigation.

Mentoring Program Objectives

The purpose of the mentoring program is to elevate the competence, professionalism, and success of federal practitioners through positive mentoring relationships.

Specifically, the mentoring relationship should accomplish the following:

  • Promote collegial relationships among legal professionals and involvement in the organized bar;
  • Contribute to a sense of integrity in the legal profession;
  • Encourage the use of best practices and highest ideals in the practice of law; and
  • Improve the mentee’s legal ability and professional judgment.

Mentoring Program Administration & Topics

Mentors meet monthly with mentees in informal yet purposeful settings, exploring various aspects of the mentee’s professional growth. Topics include effective communication, legal ethics, office management, career enhancement, work-life balance, personal pursuits, practice transitions, and more. Meetings may cover Federal Bar Association events, Middle District local rules, the Discovery Handbook, malpractice and grievance awareness, conflict resolution, and best practices in federal court litigation.


The FBA Mentoring Program will provide virtual and/or in-person programming for the mentors and mentees throughout the upcoming year. Mentors and mentees are encouraged to attend these programs and other programs sponsored by the FBA throughout the year.


Duration: The duration of the Mentoring Program is one calendar year.

Expenses Associated with Mentoring: The mentor and mentee are each expected to absorb any cost or expenses they incur in association with the mentoring relationship. We recommend that the mentor and mentee utilize a “Dutch Treat” practice as a rule.

Confidentiality in Mentoring

While the mentoring relationship encourages open communication, it does not establish a confidential or privileged connection between the mentor and mentee. Both parties should exercise discretion and respect when sharing information. It’s important to note that mentoring does not create a confidential relationship. During their initial meeting, the mentor and mentee are encouraged to discuss and align their expectations regarding confidentiality.


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