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Federal Bar National Convention

By October 2, 2013December 18th, 2023No Comments

A Heartfelt Thank You to All Convention Attendees from National President, Hon. Gustavo GelpĂ­

Dear FBA Members:

On my behalf, as well as that of the Puerto Rico Chapter, I thank all of you who attended this year’s annual Convention in Puerto Rico. It was truly a memorable event. Not only did we have a record breaking number of attendees from the U.S. Mainland and Hawai’i, but the weather, though quite hot, was beautiful—thanks to orders of my colleagues that it be so! Our timing was also great, since many of you were also able to visit our U.S. National Parks—El Morro and San Cristobal Forts and El Yunque Rainforest—which have now been closed due to the federal government shutdown.

Please feel free to comment as to what you liked the most, what we did right, and what we can do to improve future conventions. Your input is highly valuable to us. You may send any comments to Don’t forget to mark your calendars for next year’s Convention to be held in Providence, Rhode Island on September 4-6, 2014. I guarantee that it will also be memorable.

Hon. Gustavo GelpĂ­
FBA President